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Jump On It Trampoline, LLC is a distributor of the In-Ground Trampolines product line…
the world’s only complete in-ground trampoline system.

Jump On It Trampoline is owned by me, Mark Taricano. My past goes something like this. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts with a B.S. in Environmental Design from the School of Landscape Architecture Urban and Regional Planning and a short spell with a landscape architectural firm I migrated to sunny Florida in 1981 to launch Terra Care of Central Florida, Inc., a full service landscape design, construction and management company. I found great success in this industry for twenty four years and in 2005 I sold the company and focused my efforts on Plant This Nursery, Inc. a ten acre tree farm I had begun a few years earlier. The economic downturn was unkind to the nursery industry so during these years I began dabbling with a longtime passion of mine; in-ground trampolines!

kids playing on trampoline
1990: Lake Mary, FL house; gathering around the trampoline

It was circa 1990 when I bought a trampoline for my six year old daughter, Valerie and my four year old son, Bryan. I don’t recall where the idea came from but I decided that the trampoline would be much safer if installed at ground level so the little tykes could not injure themselves if they were to fall off. So I dug a big hole and constructed a circular retaining wall from pressure treated lumber and placed the trampoline inside so that it was flush with the ground. WOW, what a great idea! They LOVED it! It was by far the favorite backyard entertainer – not that they didn’t have other playthings such as a soccer field, swimming pool, parallel bars, swings, playhouse, lake with ski boat, slip and slide, basketball hoop, skateboard , zip-line and more. They jumped on the trampoline almost every day for eight years until we moved to another home.

1990: Valerie and Dad on tramp with little Bryan watching
1990: Valerie and Dad on tramp with little Bryan watching
1995: Twins Kathryn and Laura with dogs Kimba, Rex and tramp and pool.

Of course I took the trampoline with us! The first thing I did at our new home was to dig another big hole, construct a pressure treated wood retaining wall and sink the trampoline into the ground once again. That was in 1998 and the trampoline pit is still in great shape today. The trampoline, however, has been replaced with a new one. Twins, Kathryn and Laura, were born in 1992 adding my offspring count to four, which made the trampoline an even greater asset with its unparalleled ability to entertain our children and their friends. Since our new home was not lakefront I felt compelled to make it up to them by building a paintball field, beach volleyball court and a regulation fast pitch softball field with stadium seating and lighted batting cage complex. Do I have a problem? Did I go overboard?

1998: Installed the trampoline at our new house in Longwood, FL
Mark's Way Park backyard softball complex
Mark’s Way Park backyard softball complex
Mark’s Way Park backyard softball field

I have learned from personal experience that the in-ground trampoline is the number one entertainment choice for children, teens and young adults. My kids and their friends NEVER outgrew their love of the in-ground trampoline. The in-ground trampoline at our home was always the gathering place for small get togethers as well as large parties from elementary school through high school.

While performing research on in-ground trampolines in mid 2009 I discovered In-Ground Trampolines, an actual trampoline system designed to be installed in the ground. The system consisted of two rings to which attached steel retaining wall panels. This completely eliminated the need to construct expensive walls from wood or masonry.

WOW! What an awesome discovery. I became so excited I decided I just had to delve into the in-ground trampoline business and share this product with others.

2010: Twin Laura (left) and friend having fun on the trampoline after a little mudding

Indeed, I have an emotional attachment to the in-ground trampoline as it conjures up great memories of my children growing up over the years. It also excites me about the future as I plan an in-ground trampoline installation in Valerie’s back yard for my two grandchildren, Jake and Luke. I am equally excited about the prospect of installing an in-ground trampoline in your yard. After all, what could be more rewarding than the opportunity to help others create lasting memories of wonderful moments spent watching their children grow up?

Our Outdoor Trampoline Display
Our Outdoor Trampoline Display